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Tune in to Radio Nababs!

Monsieur Gadou T. C. Metzemakers

Nababs is Monsieur Gadou and Timo Cornelis Metzemakers's electronic band that keeps them busy when they're not on stage (with Grand Six for instance). (Grand Six is Nababs' staight ahead jazz band.)

The main goal of this page is to publish Nababs' recent compositions to keep those who're interested up to date, bypassing traditional distribution.

The pictures were taken by Florian Cella on September 26th, 1999 at a concert in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Rationale/Political statements

We don't use MIDI.

We don't use pre-made patches, sound fonts, expanders, etc. The raw sound material we *do* use and sample includes: some virtual synths, a traditional set of instruments (guitars, basses, double bass, piano, organs, etc.), and FM radio broadcasts.

MP3 downloads

This section hasn't been translated yet. Please bear with us and go to the french MP3 page. There's not much to understand, anyway.